"Niche And Grow Rich"

"By narrowing your focus, you will likely
broaden your chances of online success".
Dr Michael Fortin

"In the information business all the money is in the niches"
Gary Hoover
Specialist Information Publishers Association.

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You've arrived here because you want to learn about "Niche Marketing", am I right?

So first, let me kick off by giving you my "Niche Market Know-How - A Beginners Guide To Niche Marketing" (Value - $47) free.... That's right I did say FREE

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Now unless you've been living under an Internet rock, you've probably heard the buzz about Niche Marketing. For a while now it's been, and still is, one of the hottest marketing topics online.

Is Niche Marketing A New Concept?

Well on the Internet maybe but if, like me, you've been involved in direct response marketing in the 'Bricks and Mortar' world, then it isn't - that's the way we've been doing things since time immemorial.

What Is Niche Marketing?

If you've ever taken Marketing 101 then you'll have heard of the old marketing adage : "Find a need and fill it" - that's what "Niche Marketing" is all about - identifying a tightly focussed group of people with a common interest, willing to pay for information and services related to that interest (The Niche) and promoting a suitable product or service to all those interested in buying it (Marketing).

Now what's this site all about?

That's really straight forward - it's a resource for beginning Niche Marketers. Here you'll find strategies, tips, tools, niche ideas, products and resources for effective niche marketing.

The site is organized into five segments :

Niche Know-HowNiche Market Know-how Strategies, tactics and techniques for effective niche marketing.

Niche IdeasNiche Market Ideas
Ideas for lucrative Niche Markets for you to exploit.

Niche ToolsNiche Marketing Tools Essential tools to successfully research and market to your niche

Niche ProductsNiche Market Products Ready made niche products that you can sell.

Niche ArticlesNiche Marketing Articles Lots of know-how, tips, and strategies to use in your niche marketing.


So there you have it. Take a look round and find out how you can get your Niche business up and running successfully.

Point to remember : Niche Marketing is not a magic bullet. True, niche markets are easier to compete in, than the Internet marketing arena, but you still have to go through the same processes for building any business (online or off) - research a suitable niche (or niches), find suitable products and affiliate programs, formulate your marketing plan, decide on tactics and strategies and then take action.

Niche and Grow Rich

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